Minut – a Swedish electronic company which has expanded to various countries and continuing to – US, Spain, France and the UK. Their product is a smart monitoring sensor – the main feature being noise. Aimed at a niche market of STA’s (Short term rentals).
I have been working as a design intern and currently still am working for them. My roles varies from creating ads (static & animated), producing explainer videos of the latest features for their social media platforms as well as providing website animations.

Minut’s branding is to be soft, calm and welcoming as their target audience are short term rentals. They required me to produce animations which represented their brand and simplicity.


A few animated gifs for the website, in order to make the visuals more interesting. Some containing accents using the brand’s colours.

Animated the UI of the web app and mobile.

A short video introducing their new feature ‘Guest connect’.

An animation introducing Minut’s new feature ‘Check in & check out messaging’. Explaining how it works and the purose of this feature.

Animation for their social media platform.